Northwest Auto Repair

I found these guys in the phone book a couple of years ago. They have saved me a lot of money, plus they are Eco-friendly which is a plus in my book.
- Mr. Bender

You guys doing a very good job so keep the way you guys doing right now.
- Mr. Xiong

I want to thank the crew at Honest-1. Going way beyond the call of duty to find my parts and get me turned around as soon as possible. Thanks Again.
- Mr. Wheeler

I have never received better service at any other car shops than I have at Honest-1 and I will continue to be a loyal customer.
- Rebecca

Thank you for all your help over the years. We will see you in the New Year.
- Mrs. Johnstone

I love this place and have been going to the Clackamas shop for a while, using their online coupons. They have an internet cafe, kids play area and McDonalds is right next door!
- Angela

I LOVE this place!! I have been going to them for a while with this coupon booklet! They ROCK!
- Cassie

We bought their coupons when they came door-to-door last winter and I've used them for our vehicles and they are really friendly. It's also convenient because they have computers and Wi-Fi while you wait, which I've never seen before at other places....
- Brit

I'd like to pass on an "atta boy" for Rob. You see, I live on Social Security Retirement benefits. I scraped together the money to get my truck re-registered, but when I went to DEQ, it failed. NOX allowed at 200, tested at 220. I went into your store, based on a recommendation from a neighbor, explained my situation to Rob, and he did something no other mechanic has ever done for me. He told me to take the truck for a long drive and then go back to DEQ. I did. It tested at 80. That saved me serious money, and I can assure you, my business will be at your store from now on. Now a days, you probably get only complaints. Thought you could use some good news. I sure did.
- Mike J

Great place to have our cars worked on!!
- Ken Manske

Steve did an excellent job!! Phenomenal Customer Service!!
- Richard Lamberton

Excellent Service, Excellent Personnel, Excellent Shop!
- Mary Lane

You guys did an awesome job on our car. A RAT yes, a RAT ate through one of the wires going to the fuel injector. You guys were so proffessional and fast. Pete and the front desk was very kind, and a great guy to just chat with. Thanks so much for being there for me!
- Nathan Jarrett

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